Pàganachd agus Págánacht

Gaelic Polytheism / Celtic Reconstructionism

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Gaelic Polytheism
Pàganachd agus Págánacht is a Celtic Reconstructionist community, focused on Gaelic (Gàidhlig agus Gaeilge) polytheism:

preserving what lives
reconstructing what was fragmented
honoring the way of the ancestors

This is the official message board / LJ community for www.paganachd.com. The main posts are also readable on the website itself. However, to read comments or leave a comment you must click through to the LJ view of the journal. (If someone with more experience editing raw LJ code knows how to make the comments and other features show up on the website/feed view, please let us know!)

This is a place to discuss the CR FAQ, as well as the other things we host on the site. It is also a place for discussing Celtic Reconstructionism in general, and Pàganachd agus Págánacht in particular. Pàganachd/Págánacht is a Gaelic (Irish and Scottish) focused branch of the tradition, which so far has members primarily on the East Coast of the US. We are as traditional as possible, based primarily on what has survived as folklore, customs and beliefs in the Gaelic (Gaeilge, Gàidhlig agus Gaelg) cultures, while also looking to the older mythology in order to revive a more polytheistic practice.

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Fàilte, agus Beannachdan!

The CR FAQ www.paganachd.com/faq The CR FAQ www.paganachd.com/faq

CAORANN - Celts Against Oppression, Racism and Neo-Nazism

We also encourage the formation of regional and local online communities, to help facilitate people meeting up in person. These are the regional and local CR groups we're aware of. Please let us know if there are others we should list here.

chicagocelts - Chicago area CRs
cr_prairie - Plains states of the US
ne_cr - Northeastern US (and some Canadians)
puget_sound_crs - Puget Sound region
southeastern_cr - Southeastern US
southwestern_cr - Southwestern US